StreetCharge was inspired by an individual, through the difficulty encountered in persuading local authorities to implement on-street publicly accessible charging infrastructure for households with no off-street parking. Pod-Point (2018) estimated that 40% of UK dwellings have no off-street parking function, therefore have limited to no alternative options for home-charging of their electric vehicles. Supporting this, Connected Kerb (2020) found that 67% of individuals surveyed would not have purchased an electric vehicle if they had no access to overnight charging.

Our primary mission is to highlight the need for increased charging infrastructure in core residental and/or communal areas. The platform has the ability to highlight to local authorities and/or charging providers where the greatest demands are for charging infrastructure.

StreetCharge allows individuals throughout the United Kingdom the ability to highlight interest for charging locations, this information is beneficial to local authorities and charging point providers who are able to meet the needs of their service users. Undertaking some research we found similar privately funded sites that are ran by either councils of charging providers, these do not provide a service on a national level.

A primary aim of this service is to highlight accessibility and inclusivity of all individuals to implement a cleaner, greener future. Disabled charging bays meet the standards outlined within the Equality Act (2010) suggesting that all providers should anticipate reasonable adjustments, such as a disabled user. Therefore provision of accessible Disabled Electric Vehicle (EV) bays are equally importanf and ard available as an option on the request form.

The current network of chargers widely available to the public is available from Please do not duplicate points that are already in existance, unless there is a requirement for more chargers and/or EV disabled bays.

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