OLEV Funding

The Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) has announced for the years 2020-2021 that a budget of £10Million has been allocated for the improvement of On-street Charging Infrastructure. The primary benefit to this funding is individuals, families who may not have access to other electric charging grants available for housing that has a driveway. Unfortunately, these On-street charging grants are not redeemable by individiauls and are only available for Local Authorities. The funding contributes 75% of the capital funding required to install charging points (up-to £6500 per charger), with the local authority being responsible for the remaining 25%.

However, having spoken to numerous local authorities already utilising this scheme and charging point providers/operators many of these are willing to provide the remaining 25% of funding if the local authorities are willing to enter a service-contract and provide their assistance in locating and installing the chargers. Obviously, this is dependent on the local authority's agreement but I would suggest the requestor is willing to provide some form of payment whether this is paying for the electrical costs they use at the charger or a form of installation cost dependent on how close the charger is to their house. Most local authorities may be willing to install the charing points free of charge to individuals and only charge for electricity used. Note, electricity costs can vastly vary by area.

Scheme Information

Providing your local authority information around the scheme may be cruicial to increasing up-take. The On-street residential Chargepoint Scheme is provided by OLEV, the scheme is operated and funding is provided by The Energy Saving Trust. The On-Street Parking Scheme details and local authorities guidance to claim the scheme are available from the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme page. Priority is given to areas where existing infrastructure or funding has been low or not previously claimed.